All Things Microsoft Announced in Build Conference ( Developing )


Day 1 :

  1. There are more than 500 million monthly active Windows 10 devices
  2. Microsoft gets ambitious with Cosmos DB. It is a more robust successor to Microsoft’s Document DB and will solve problems like index free data and persistent reads and writes.
  3. After much anticipation Microsoft has finally released Visual Studio as a mac native app. Under its new CEO Satya Nadella has embraced a new platform independent strategy to go where its customers are.
  4. And developers loved this announcement, Microsoft Azure cloud gets its very own full cloud based bash-shell.
  5. It also announced official support of PostgreSQL and MySQL with launching PostgreSQL as service and MySQL as service.
  6. Company also launched couple of AI services such as batch training of cognitive models etc.

Day 2 :

  1. Microsoft blurs the line between desktop and cloud with OneDrive update.the company introduced a new feature for the company’s cloud storage service OneDrive that will allow you to access your files without using up device storage. Called “Files On-Demand,” the feature will roll out along with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and will give users more control over which files are stored locally versus in the cloud.
  2. Microsoft takes on material design with launch of its Fluent Design.
  3. Microsoft now let iOS developers deploy, test and run their apps directly from Windows.
  4. Another Apple embrace was launch of iTunes in Windows Store. Integration and working together of these two tech juggernauts is refreshing and reminds of the early days of personal computing.
  5. Microsoft has launched its own controllers for mixed reality and plans to launch HoloLens in China this year.

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