Snapchat is planning to sell you Hello Kitty stickers


Well Snapchat had quite a disappointing earnings report when it missed the market’s expectations. Its shares tumbled down after the results were announced. Somewhere in the hinterlands of Menlo Park, someone would definitely would be smiling watching the news. But the product wizard Evan Spiegel has new trick up his sleeve to bring in more money to coffers and make things a bit interesting for its addict millennial users. STICKERS. Yes Snapchat plans to sell stickers to its users.


How original given Line’s majority revenue depends on selling stickers to its user base. And recently Apple has also launched stickers and had been promoting it left right centre with its colorful ( oh my eyes) youtube ads. One of the leaked snaps of Snap’s head of partnership shows ‘Hello Kitty’ stickers. Cmmon Evan you can be much more original than that, Zuck and team and the world are watching your moves carefully.

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