Judge rules against Uber and orders it not to use tech taken from Waymo


In the case where Google’s self driving division Waymo sued Uber against stealing its self driving tech by one of its star engineer before he left Waymo, judge has ordered Uber not to use the stolen tech. Although Waymo wanted court to order uber to completely shut its self driving research till the time the case was settled, but judge didn’t allow that due to lack of evidence. However Waymo was able to substantiate its claim that its star engineerAnthony Levandowski indeed downloaded code and docs before leaving Waymo.

Uber’s spokesperson welcomes court’s ruling as it can now continue to work on its self driving research which according to its CEO Travis Kalanick is key to the company’s future. Uber stands by its claim that the technology it is using is built ground up internally and Waymo argument that its tech was used by uber turned out to be weak.  Meanwhile Waymo has partnered with Uber’s competitor Lyft to share its self driving tech. Future of self driving is off to a heated start.

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