Virtual Reality Porn on Rise : Pornhub VR gets 500,000 hits a Day on average


VRPorn has handheld many a new technologies from early adopters toy to mainstream utilities. VHS as a technology was propelled by the rampant distribution of porn on it and it became the de facto standard to consume it by. Porn is also one of the major component of content pie that people consume almost everyday. Now the magical industry of Porn has sets its eyes on Virtual Reality. VR provides a level of abstraction which is unparallel. It is the closest immersive experience to the real thing. Pornhub was one of the early websites to experiment with the format. And if the numbers released by company is anything to go by then it gets almost half a million views for its VR videos.


Currently Pornhub features more than 2,600 of these videos, having started with just 30 back in Spring 2016. You can expect these figures to keep growing as VR itself grows in popularity.


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