Biz Stone Joins back Twitter to save the ship

(L-R) Twitter co-founders Jack Dorsey, Christopher Isaac 'Biz' Stone, Evan Williams and Twitter CEO Richard 'Dick' Costolo pose for a photo on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on November 7, 2013 in New York. Twitter hit Wall Street with a bang on Thursday, as an investor frenzy quickly sent shares surging after the public share offering for the fast-growing social network. In the first exchanges, Twitter vaulted 80.7 percent to $47, a day after the initial public offering (IPO) at $26 per share. While some analysts cautioned about the fast-changing nature of social media, the debut led to a stampede for Twitter shares. AFP PHOTO/EMMANUEL DUNAND (Photo credit should read EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

Biz Stone has been one the co founders of twitter and has been a key figure in the early days of the company along with Evs Williams and others. He had left Twitter couple of years back to pursue other opportunities in founding new startups and some angel investing. He had invested in companies like Intercom, Pinterest, Square, Nest etc. Though his startup Jelly which was an app for social QnA didn’t really took off.

In of the of the weekly talks organised at Twitter office by CEO Jack, Biz was speaking to the employees. At the end of talk Jack asked Biz Stone to join back the company which was followed by all the employees cheering. Biz took some time to think over and came to conclusion that Twitter was indeed his life’s best work and the company with almost dead user growth and stalling revenues at this time needs him most.

Ousted co-founder Noah Glass who was fired by Ev Williams

So he has decided to join the company and take care of driving the culture in the company across teams and overall strategic direction of company. In terms of leadership Twitter has struggled a lot with lot of dirty power play at the early stages when its original founder Ev Williams fired one of its co founder Noah Glass who actually built twitter as we know today ‘to feel less lonely’. What followed was a power struggle between Jack and Ev Williams where in a dramatic coupe along with one of the board member Jack fired Ev from the very company he started. The whole story is captured brilliantly in the the book ‘Hatching Twitter’ by Nick Bilton.  Lets see what lies in the future of the struggling social media Juggernaut. Whatever the future the story definitely calls for a David Fincher movie.


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