Women focussed media and ecommerce company Brit + Co raised $15 Million


Brit + Co, the media startup founded by Brit Morin, is announcing an additional $15 million in funding led by Verizon Ventures (TechCrunch’s parent company). Former Uber president and Target CMO Jeff Jones will also be joining the startup as an advisor.

San Francisco-based Brit + Co will be using the funding to expand its digital content business that targets women. They also will be using it to build more branded merchandise for their partnership with Target.

She said they plan to add more video tutorials, which cost $20-$50 per online class. “Calligraphy, coding, and how to start a business” are part of the broad section of categories she highlighted.

The revenue from the videos and the Target merchandise business have brought the startup closer to profitability, claimed Morin. She thinks they are on track to hit this milestone in the next year or two.

Brit + Co is “enabling these women to live more creatively across every category of their lives,” Morin told TechCrunch. She likened the brand to “the magazine version of Pinterest.”

She says they have an estimated 125 million monthly unique visitors, including their website and social media platforms. About 70 percent of the people are based in the U.S.

Brit + Co previously raised more than $27 million in funding.

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