Destiny 2 ‘s trailer is out and it looks amazing, leaves little for PC gamers to celebrate


Bungie just released the trailer of much anticipated Destiny 2 and it looks just amazing. People who have played the game are saying that the game is even better and fills out the loopholes of Destiny 1.

Some Disappointment :

But along with the excitement of launch trailer there were couple of disapppointments regarding the game’s PC port. For one, Destiny 2 for PC is not officially slated for the same September 8 release date as its PS4 and Xbox One counterparts. That doesn’t mean the game won’t come out in September, but it hasn’t been confirmed and may arrive much later.

Also Destiny 2 for PC won’t come with dedicated servers, instead will run on peer-to-peer servers. Dedicated servers are more secure and offer way better performance, and it’s still not clear why Bungie and Activision would hesitate to go the extra mile for such a gigantic game.

The last bit of bad news has to do with customised characters, which won’t transfer over from Destiny on console to the Destiny 2 PC port. So it does seem like Bungie has taken a fresh slate approach to game.

Story : 

The game starts in the midst of an all-out assault on the Tower, the core social location from the first two years of the series’ history and the last bastion of mankind as it fights a war against four separate alien races collectively referred to as “the Darkness”.

A new villain, a leader of one of those four races named Dominus Ghaul, has decided to take the fight to humanity’s homeworld in an attempt to prove to the Traveller – Destiny’s mysterious space-god who elevated humanity to a race of superhero “Guardians” before falling silent aeons earlier – that his people, the Cabal, should have been the rightful recipients of its power.

This story base which basically burns everything down at the very start serves the purpose of nullifying any advantage that existing Destiny players had over new players who would be joining straight to Destiny 2

credits : Bungie



Gameplay Modes  

Game takes a more open-world approach rather than selecting story missions from a menu and teleporting straight into the action, with players able to speak to characters, get side quests, explore the game’s four main areas and even start story missions, all from within the game’s world.

Then there is counter strike alike Countdown mode, which is a 4 vs 4 mode similar to Counter-Strike, in which teams alternate setting/diffusing a charge at one of two points. Players can revive fallen allies, and a round is over when either a charge goes off or is diffused, or if one team is killed off entirely. The first team to 6 wins.


Check out the complete reveal below :

Ending Note 

With multi-billion dollar budget and distribution partnerships, it’s clear that Destiny 2 is only intended as the beginning of something larger, that “platform” which its original creators always intended it to become.


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