Elon Musk’s Tesla to build world’s largest lithium ion battery in Australia within 100 Days Flat


Tesla has win a bid to build world’s largest lithium ion battery storage system in Southern Australia outbidding 91 other companies. Tesla will build this system in partnership with French company Neoen which will provide the wind energy from it’s Hornsdale Wind Farm near Jamestown to charge the battery packs. The system will have capacity of 100MW which will make it one of the largest in the world with second largest system coming at 30MW.

Southern state of Australia has faced big energy blackouts due to storms destroying the infrastructure leaving the local residents with no electricity. Once this system in installed, then it will be able to provide clean energy to 30,000 homes.

“You can essentially charge up the battery packs when you have excess power when the cost of production is very low … And then discharge it when the cost of power production is high, and this effectively lowers the average cost to the end customer,” Musk said at the press conference on Friday.

“We actually insisted in the contract that we be held to the hundred days or it’s free. That’s what we said publicly, that’s what we are going to do,” Musk said at the press conference.

Adding the monumental size of the project, Elon Musk has promised to deliver the project in 100 days flat or else he would do it for free. This comes across as a bold statement given the nature and size of project and Elon has himself admitted in an interview about the risk associated with large scale projects.

With this project Australia will set a global benchmark of a cleaner, renewable and more climate friendly grid.


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