Google launches AI focussed VC arm called Gradient Ventures 


Google has been super bullish on Artificial intelligence from a long time now. Google’s ceo Sundar Pichai has been tasked with the transition of company from mobile first environment to AI first environment. In last Google I/O company demoed how it has started to bake AI into each of it’s products.

To double down on the ongoing effort , Google reveleaed it’s AI focussed venture capital arm called Gradient Ventures. It will invest in early stage AI companies and provide them advice and hand holding to on business and technology side.

Company has recently invested a lot in it’s new AI focussed cloud computing facilities based upon it’s Tensor Flow machine learning liberary and it hopes to compete with AWS’s ec2 with the AI angle.

Some of the startups which have received backing from gradient ventures include Cape, Algorithma , Cohniac, Aurima.

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