Verizon’s Cloud Server was hacked exposing data of millions of customers


Verizon suffered a major data leak due to misconfigured server for it’s customer service portal. The breach exposed the personal details of 6 million of its customers.

Data leak was result of one of Verizon’s vendor Nice Systems misconfigured their cloud file repository on AWS S3 bucket. Customers names, addresses, account information including PINs were leaked. PIN is used to connect a customer to service rep of the company and with that information hackers can impersonate a customer.

Verizon issued a statement acknowledging the public exposure of its customer data, but stressed that no loss or theft of Verizon or Verizon customer information occurred. The telecom giant also noted: “To the extent PINs were included in the data set, the PINs are used to authenticate a customer calling our wireline call center, but do not provide online access to customer accounts,” Verizon stated.


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