3 Reasons why everybody seems to hate new Skype App


Microsoft recently released a radical new design of skype app and since its launch it has faced huge backlash from users in all countries. So much so that it’s app store rating has plummeted to 1 across app stores. 5 reasons why people are losing their mind over the new app design :

  1. The layout looks and feels nothing like the good old Skype. So all the 100 million plus users who were used to the old app design were in for a shock and the new design posed a huge amount of cognitive overload in User Experience.


2.  Previous versions of Skype were far from perfect and had lot of bugs related to notifications and syncing. Microsoft instead of fixing those bugs went ahead to do a cosmetic surgery of the app and adding totally unnecessary features like adding emojis on video callings etc.

3. Users are saying that it is a failed attempt to copy Snapchat. It seems everybody is out to copy Snapchat starting from Facebook’s main app and instagram copying the stories feature and later stealing the AR filters. To win the millennial generation who live their lives on social media, originality is the most important key which Microsoft has absolutely missed with this update.


So we ‘ll have to see if Microsoft will push with this update or take in the negative feedback and revert back to older design.



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