Techies face the Stress Test With Looming Job Insecurity


Once darling sector of Indian economy – Information Technology or IT sector has been struggling lately in the wake of new global market realities. India has seen some of its biggest and most reputable companies being built in this sector in last couple of decades such as Infosys, Wipro, HCL etc.

Working in IT sector was a dream job for every college grad not so long ago. But a set of market factors have dethroned the sector from its pedestal. Factors such as Trump’s ‘Make In America’ policy which requires American companies to hire local tech talent to bloster up its jobs market instead of outsourcing it to India. This coupled with the growing spectre of ‘Automation’ which threatens to automate most parts of manual IT jobs.

Firing of employees without proper notice period has led to termendous amount of stress among exiting employees and has even forced many of them to take the extreme step of ending their lives.  Last week a techie in Pune, having lost his job jumped to his death. There have been many other cases of similar incidents due to lack of job security among techies.

Most of these cases have come from the Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore. But other states such as Delhi, Kolkata etc are also not far behind.

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