Facebook Is Scared As Hell With This Upcoming Amazon Product


Facebook has a virtual monopoly on messaging with its Facebook platform, messenger and whatsapp. Messaging is really the key to get the highest levels of engagement from users. Amazon is working on a secret product which is seemingly giving nightmares to Mark Zuckerberg.

As Facebook was busy fighting battle for millenial’s attention from its younger competitor Snapchat, Amazon was reportedly conducting survey from its users analysing what they truly need in a messaging app.

Name of the secret project is Anytime and according to reports it will be an all-in-one feature rich service that could even rival social networks,” with a focus on messaging, voice and video calls, and photo sharing, with users able to apply filters to pictures and videos, @mention other users, use sticker and Gifs, and play games. Users would be able to call (audio and video) other individuals or groups, contact businesses to order products or make reservations. According to the images taken from the survey, the service be secure and encrypted, and would work on a variety of desktop and mobile devices.

Amazon anytime  jeff bezos

Launching a messaging app makes perfect sense for Amazon who in it’s eternal quest for customer centricity wants to grab all of the a customers digital lifecycle from ecommerce, media, smart homes and now messaging. Interesting thing to note here is that Facebook and Google have an ads driven business model, where you are paying in the form of your personal data and privacy which these companies sell to advertisers. But Amazon is a company that people trust and pay for, and it can be a solid value add to the prime flywheel. Also Amazon will be considering to tie the messaging to it’s Alexa smart home assistants and they recently added voice calling and messaging services to it.

Will this business add to the massive success of Amazon or will it be put aside in the wall of failures like Amazon fire phone, whatever the case, it surely must have got facebook really worried.

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