You Won’t Be Able To Text While Crossing The Street In This City


Honolulu, Hawaii is trying to ban the hazardous practice of texting on your phone while crossing the street. Most people nowdays are addicted to their phone screens and they can’t seem to get off it even while walking down the road.

A bill passed by Honolulu’s City Council on Wednesday bans anyone from texting while they’re crossing the street. It’s awaiting the approval of Mayor Kirk Caldwell, who has 10 business days to finalize it with his signature.

Various cities in New Jersey, New York, Arkansas, Illinois, and Nevada have tried implementing the very same ban, but have so far fallen short of the goal. Washington state was the first to outlaw texting while driving, and since then a total of 47 states, including D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands have followed suit, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association

Honolulu’s ban, which is expected to be approved, will levy a fine between $15 and $99 dollars, depending upon how many times an offender has broken the law. .

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