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Free personal payroll

With free Personal Payroll, you can:

Track your income, pay your taxes, freelance fearlessly, save for sick days, get Personal Payroll, open an IRA, focus on your passion, combine your income sources, set withholding on auto, enroll in health insurance, stop stressing, save for PTO, use Catch for free.Track your income, pay your taxes,

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Earn from anywhere, all in one place.

Never worry about losing track of a payment again. Catch supports hundreds of apps and platforms.

Automatically set aside money when you get paid.

We automate your withholding so you can focus on your passion.

Get reliable benefits for an unpredictable future.

Enjoy benefits you can fall back on, no matter what life brings you.

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Such a life saver, just connect your income and let the rest roll.

Nate B.Web Designer

Catch let me set aside $$$ for PTO, sick days, and so much more.

Jenny Z.Florist

What’s the catch?
(Hint: there isn’t one.)

How is this free?

How does Catch keep my info safe?

Is Personal Payroll tied to the government?

What kind of health insurance can I get through Catch?

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