Supplemental Terms of Use

For Catch users who choose to use Catch to get Health Insurance, these additional and Supplementary Terms of Use apply, as do the general Terms of Use for Catch Financial, Inc. that are available here:

Health Insurance Marketplace. Catch Insurance, LLC works with to provide access to healthcare plans that are listed on the Health Insurance Marketplace ("Marketplace"). You can apply for and enroll in coverage with Catch Insurance. Your information will be shared with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services ("CMS") in accordance with strict privacy and security guidelines including those found at Terms and Privacy Policy. Catch Insurance uses third-party APIs to provide information about plans and premiums, and while we expect the information provided by CMS to be up to date, it is possible that insurance companies may change the pricing or coverage of their plans.

Additionally, if you enroll in a plan through Catch Insurance, you agree to have Catch Insurance serve as your broker. You agree that Catch Insurance may complete an application on your behalf through and may manage your email communications in connection with your account, including but not limited to opting out of or filtering marketing communications about the exchange on your behalf. You represent and warrant that any information about yourself or your family submitted to Catch Insurance is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.

Not A Health Care Provider. You agree that neither Catch nor Catch Insurance is not a health care provider and its participation in the provision of the Platform and Services is not the practice of medicine or RENDERING medical advice and does not create a provider-patient relationship. You understand and acknowledge that the Services are tools offered for your informational and educational purposes only, and that you are responsible for using your professional PERSONAL judgment to evaluate and confirm the information you obtain. Catch does not provide medical advice and does not make diagnostic, treatment, or other clinical decisions or judgments.

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