Catch Referral Offers

June 2, 2021

$20 for each Catch Referral

This limited referral bonus (the “Limited Referral Bonus”) is for Catch users referring first-time Catch account holders and is offered in combination with the CatchEveryday Bonus Program, which offers an Everyday Bonus to the User once a new User is in good standing with at least one saving goal and Autopilot activated. Catch defines a savings goal in good standing as an account that complies with all of Catch’s terms and conditions, with a positive balance of at least $100 for 45 continuous days and an active status along with Autopilot being active, verifiable by Catch. The total maximum aggregate reward each Catch user is eligible to receive for the LimitedReferral Bonus in combination with the Everyday Bonus is $200. To be eligible for the Limited Referral Bonus: (a) friends must successfully sign up for a Catch goal between June 2 and July 2, 2021 (11:59PM PT), using your personal invitation code or link, (b) friends must have a savings goal (Tax, Time Off, Family Leave, or Health Expenses) with at least $100 settled deposit along with Autopilot active before July 2, 2021, and (c) each new account must be open and in good standing with a minimum balance of $100 (excluding any bonus funds collected) on July 2, 2021. Referral Bonuses will be paid after July 2, 2021 and will appear in the form of a deposit into your Catch Time Off goal account. Referral accounts closed before July 2, 2021 will not qualify for the promotion. The Limited Referral Bonus for inviting friends to join Catch is a limited time offer. Each Catch user will only be entitled to one (1) Limited Referral Bonus for each new User up to the stated limit. Employees of Catch are not eligible for the Limited Referral Bonus. An existing Catch user cannot refer himself or herself or any other account attributable to such existing Catch user. Catch reserves the right to modify, restrict, suspend, revoke, or terminate this offer or anyCatch user’s eligibility at any time in its sole discretion without prior notice. Catch Financial,Inc. provides, among other things, financial information to assist users in managing their finances through saving for taxes, time off, health expenses, family leave, and other goals. Catch Financial also provides aggregation of financial data, a wallet view of income, saving, and insurance information, and rules-based saving. Catch is not a bank, nor is it a financial planner, broker or asset manager. The Catch platform is merely a tool to assist you in your financial planning and decision-making. You are solely responsible for your savings and investment decisions. Advisory services are offered by Catch Capital Management LLC (“Catch Capital,” together withCatch Financial, Inc. “Catch”). Catch Capital is registered with the SEC as aRegistered Investment Adviser. Brokerage services are provided to Catch Capital clients by Folio Institutional, an unaffiliated SEC-registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC. Catch Insurance LLC (“Catch Insurance”) is a licensed insurance broker.‍

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